Hello Beloved.! Greetings of love to you after such a period of silence.
Just concluded a long-lasted Sectional Group Programs last Sunday with Family Love Celebration, captioned, FAVOURED and FLOURISHING FOREVER IN GOD’S LOVE.
The Group Seminars kicked off on 20th May with Children’s Rally /Seminars followed by that of the Youths, then the Singles Group, the Women, the Men, and finally the Couples, climaxing in the FAMILY LOVE CELEBRATION last Sunday.
Each of the Group Programs was dedicated toward Scriptural admonish ions for godliness, objectivity for life’s fulfillment, and eternity consciousness.
Each of the Groups featured varieties of inspiring presentations of Bible recitations, songs, skill acquisition, spiritual warfare, and the secrets of Victorious Christian Living. An unforgettable indeed to all participants. Lives transformed, Faith consolidated, and Vision expanded! Glory to JESUS! Here are some pictures and videos. Watch and be blessed, then. Share. Please send your reactions! God bless you!-Rev Dr Chris O. Abraham



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